NFL Games

NFL Games: The NFL playoffs are coming to an end. On Sunday, four teams in the finals will compete for the LIV Super Bowl. Kansas City Chiefs or Tennessee Titans will represent AFC in the main games, while NFC will represent San Francisco 49ers or Green Bay Packers.

By Monday, the football world will know the last game of the season.

Here we look at the matches of the AFC and NFC championships, as well as all the information about the viewing and the last chances of Caesar the Great.

AFC Championship 2020
Reed Huffman / Associated Press
Who: Tennessee Giants Chiefs Kansas City

Time: 3:05 ET

TV and Live: CBS, Full CBS Access

Up / Down / Up / Down: KC -7, 52.5
This is probably the most unlikely association in the championship – with at least one week in the regular season. The leaders earned their second seed only after the Miami dolphins defeated the New England Patriots in week 17. The Titans entered the playoffs almost like seed No. 6.

But we have arrived. After defeating the Patriots and the Baltimore Ravens No. 1, the Titans are probably the hottest team in the playoffs. Leaders will be confident after defeating the Houston Texans by 24 points due to a deficit of 24 points. This will be an interesting process.

The game in the AFC championship is probably due to the ability of Kansas City to slow down the games of Derrick Henry and the Titans. Patriots and Crows cannot do this, it gives Tennessee control over the rhythm and clock. This will be a problem for the leaders and their protection No. 26.

But unlike New England and Baltimore, Kansas City was built to withstand early attacks. They played equally well against Houston. However, if the leaders no longer have to return, they will be better off.

Adam Teicher from ESPN said: “Obviously, I, as a team, know that everything must go right.” “You lose 24-0 in the NFL and you won’t win many games.”

If leaders can force the Titans to rely on Ryan Tannerhill and his passage, or at least force Tennessee to achieve some offensive balance, then their passage and the best opportunities for help should keep the game close. With violations by Mahomes, Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill, Executives should be able to win close combat.

The best chance for Tennessee to win is to get up early and accept the same run-to-run game plan that has been in effect for the past two weeks. For a crime like death, it’s not as explosive as it is in Kansas City.

Forecast: Kansas City 28-26
Champion NFC 2020
Dwayne Burleson / Associated Press
Who: Green Bay Packers for San Francisco 49ers

Time: 6:40 ET

TV and Live: Fox, Fox Sports Go

Up / Down / Up / Down: SF-7.5, 46.5
Like leaders, 49ers are also popular on Sunday. For example, in San Francisco, this thick line seems reasonable. Although packers are undoubtedly a dangerous team, they are in no hurry to completely control seed No. 1.

When the teams met in November, the packers also lost 37-8.

In order for Green Bay to find other results in the rematch, the match must be determined as early as possible. This not only helps eliminate frightening passes in San Francisco, but it can also be the best way to attack a 49-man defense in full swing.

Although San Francisco ranked 17th in defense in the regular season, he often led the game. The 49ers allowed 4.5 yards per opponent. If Green Bay can rely on Aaron Jones and run games, then Aaron Rogers and the passing games will be easier.

In theory, this is easier than in practice. San Francisco defender has the opportunity to reduce attack speed when necessary – Darwin Cook has a distance of 18 yards and 9 times in a division game, and a powerful attack of 49 people is likely to increase already in the regular season, at a meeting of the season.

If this game remains close, it’s easy to imagine that Rogers and the packaging alliance will bring some magic and frustration. Jimmy Garoppolo could do the same for San Francisco, but Rogers’ career was based on late heroism.

The problem is that San Francisco is strong enough in the war and can dominate the earth again, early to take the initiative and prevent Rogers from having the chance to create a perfect miracle.

Forecast: San Francisco 30-22