Australian Open 2020

Australian Open 2020: The first grand tennis slam in ten years has arrived, but popular results from this year’s Australian Open suggest that the event is unlikely to mark a new era in the sport. Will the old guards reign in Melbourne again? You can watch all tennis matches played anywhere in the world in this handy live guide to the 2020 Australian Open below.

Familiar names of Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer dominate the men’s group, and Serena Williams is the best choice for the women’s championship, currently ahead of the newcomers (oh, there are big winners in 2020), daughter of Osaka and Ashley Batty.

Australian Open 2020 Live

At the 108th Australian Open, the aforementioned Novak Djokovic and Naomi Osaka defended the title.

Djokovic will experience recent success in Australia after winning the Serbian title in the Serbian ATP Cup Down Under match earlier this month. Meanwhile, Japanese ace Osaka lost to Karolina Pliskova in a fiasco defeat in the Brisbane international semi-final.

Although showers are expected at the start of the game, the players’ biggest concern will be the air quality of Melbourne due to the tragedy of forest fires in eastern state.

Tennis enthusiasts hope that for a while this mist will have no effect on the most intense Australian Open. In the world below, wherever you are, you can find out how to broadcast all of the 2020 Australian Open tennis matches.

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How to broadcast the Australian Open for free

Channel 9 is again the copyright holder for all of the live Australian Open 2020 TV shows. For those who have access to the channel, it’s also easy to enjoy all the than turning on the TV or using the app.

Watch Australian Open 2020 Live

Not only that, 9Now will provide all games on all terrains for free. This means that up to 16 live streams can be provided at any one time.

However, if you are not overseas and still want free Australian Open coverage on Channel 9, you will soon find it restricted overseas. The only way we know of how to fix this is to get your own VPN, as described below …

Live Australian Tennis Open 2020 from around the world
For your viewing options in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and New Zealand, we provide more details below – scroll down.

However, if you try to observe your national reports from outside your country of origin, you will quickly discover a problem … of geographical congestion. This is where broadcasters prevent you from watching the streams abroad.

The best way to clear this network is to download and install a VPN (if you’re not sure what it is, click the link). We have tested all major VPN services and rated ExpressVPN as the best. It is compatible with a large number of devices (such as Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Xbox and PS4) and streaming services, ranks among the fastest and most secure, and even has a warranty of 30 day money back, so you can buy it before trying it.

And don’t forget that the VPN isn’t just for watching tennis. From unblocked websites to Netflix in other regions, to adding additional security protection to online shopping and banking, it’s not hard to understand why they are becoming more popular.

Check out our guide to the best VPN services of 2020

How to watch the Australian Open 2020: US Live

For American residents, the action of the Australian Open will be broadcast on ESPN and the tennis channel. This means that users with access can enjoy it on TV as part of a regular subscription.

Wire cutter? ESPN can also be used for a range of TV streaming services. See the list below for more information about them.

For those who want to watch the live broadcast, the subscription service of the ESPN + network will bring back a lot of action in Melbourne, showing more than 1,400 hours of action from this year’s tournament, including the three double titles ( men, women, mixed) and boys and women Singles tournaments and wheelchair tournaments. ESPN + costs £ 4.99 a month and is adding more and more to its lineup, from UFC to FA Cup football and more.

And, if you can use one of these services, but are outside the United States within two weeks, research and see how useful it is to get a VPN.