Burnley vs Leicester

Burnley vs Leicester: Leicester had a good chance on the way to Burnley, he bounced off a disappointing home defeat and returned to Southampton, where their poor results pulled them three points from the fall zone.

Clarets won only 3 of the last 10 games in all competitions and lost in a row to Turf Moore.

With Ashley Barnes, they will have to rely on Chris Wood and Jay Rodgriguez to fight the league against Leicester United’s Best Defense Defense.

In these terrible 10 games, Burnley couldn’t score in 5 games, and with this in mind, the chances of winning Leicester 5-2 really caused a tense situation in Lancashire,

Brendan Rogers’ team lost three of their last six games, but two of them were matches with each other against Manchester City and Liverpool, although in the 5th game they retained an advantage of 11 people. But the foxes are still striving to return to victory.

Continuous victory, all the best moments in the league not far from home, combined with the unstable work of Burnley’s lawn, Manchester City looks very valuable.

Key data: Burnley won two of his nine Premier League games against Leicester City (D2 L5), winning home victories in January 2017 and April 2018, respectively.

Lester hopes to win a double league title at Burnley for the first time since the 2012-13 season. Since September 1906, the foxes have won the league title against Clara for three consecutive games.

Burnley is currently the longest match in the Premier League, there are no draws. Fuchsia’s team won 5 of their last 15 games and lost 10. Burnley did not play 18 games in a row at Turf Moor (W8 L10).

Lester won seven Premier League titles this season, and they won only two top-level tournaments: 9 in 1965/66 and 11 in 2015/16.

Leicester have lost three of their last five Premier League games (W2) and as many as they were in their previous 21 games (W13 D5 L3).

This season, Burnley only made 72 or more open passes in the Premier League, less than any other side. Among them, only 10 people shot or shot in the box, which is also the lowest in the league.

After defeating West Ham 3-0 in November, Burnley scored 10 Premier League matches without scoring in the first half. In the absence of the game, Burnley himself (May 2015) (12 games) was the last team with a longer record for 45 minutes after the opening.

In addition to his own goals, only Liverpool (16) have scored more goals in the Premier League this season than Leicester (14). Indeed, only in 2016-17 (16) Fox scored more points in the game than in this one.

Burnley’s manager, Sean Deutsch, loses all four meetings with Brendan Rogers – losing in every game, he is the only one who faces a lot of managers. This was Arsene Wenger (seven losses in seven games).

This season, only Trent Alexander Arnold (27) created more opportunities than James Madison of Leicester (James Madison). However, Burnley is less likely to miss a goal this season than any other side of the Premier League this season (2, except for free throws).

What time is Burnley vs Leicester?
Burnley vs. Leicester will begin on Sunday, January 19, 2020, at 14:00.

How to watch Burnley v Leicester on TV and live
You can broadcast the Sky Sports Premier League and Main Event from 13:00 or watch the game online through the SkyGo app.

Sky customers can add Premier League and football channels for 18 pounds per month or add a full sports package to their offers for 23 pounds per month.

If you don’t have Sky, you can watch the game on Now TV. You can buy a Sky Sports one-day pass for GBP 9.99, a weekly pass for GBP 14.99 or a monthly pass for GBP 33.99 without having to sign a contract. Televisions can now be streamed through computers or applications to most smart TVs, phones, and consoles.

Who will win? RadioTimes.com says
Leicester’s performances in recent weeks have been somewhat disappointing, but they have to be careful in order to abandon their season, as there are still a lot of football matches.

If Brendan Rogers can inspire after defeating Southampton, they should have enough power to crush Burnley.

Forecast: Burnley 0-2 Leicester

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